Thursday, August 12, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 6 - Thursday - Making Our Goals

Last night I could not stand it. I had to run to make up for the run I missed on Tuesday when my wife's grandfather passed away. I was back to school Wednesday, feeling stressed out a little with all this stuff that needs to be organized for my job and just needed to work out the stress. I took off last night around 9:00. It was still very hot and very humid, but I felt great. I really felt good. My minor injury to my calf felt fine after giving it an additional day of rest so I decided to just pick it up a little and see how my body responded. Besides sweating profusely, I ran my 4 mile run in 35:14 or an 8:47 mile. I was happy with that. When I finished I did not feel tired or drained at all so that was a good sign because I knew that I was waking up this morning to run 6 miles. I drank some water, ate a bowl of cereal and off to bed I went.

This morning I woke up at 4:30 to run. My legs felt a little tired and heavy as I just ran not even 7 hours prior. I did some stretching and ran to the high school as my 1 mile warmup. On the track I had 3 x 1 mile repeats with a goal of 8:20 pace. I knew that I could do better than this, but was not sure about pushing myself harder and making the goal 3 times. I told myself to get after this morning and I was really doing some major talking to myself the last two mile repeats. Here were my times which I was not aware of until I got home as it was pitch black outside and I could not read my watch.

1 mile warm-up - 9:50 pace
Mile Repeat #1: 7:07 pace
.5 mile run cool down
Mile Repeat #2: 7:12 pace
.5 mile run cool down
Mile Repeat #3: 7:33 pace
1 mile cool down run back home - 10:06 pace

This whole workout took me 51 minutes to complete with stretching excercises afterwards not included. I felt really, really good. I was surprised by my times as I can guarantee you there was no way in the world I could run this 3-5 weeks ago. It was a please surprise to plug my watch in and see my times.

I feel like this was a goal that was accomplished. It was not one that I had set out to break, but just seeing my times helps me to realize that I am on track to achieving my goals. Many of my goals are long term and this I think is a short term goal that was reached. Even more important than that is I weighed myself this morning and I have happy news. I am now the proud owner of a body that weighs 217 or a weight I have not been too since my freshman year of college prior to Winter Break. That brings my weight loss down to a range of 15-18 pounds as my weight fluctuates 2-3 pounds on the hour it seems like. This is awesome and I am very excited. Yes, I still eat like crazy, but it is healthier and wiser.

Well, keep pushing for your goals because I tell you feels awesome when you reach them. I have more insight to bring on goal setting, but time is running short this morning as I have to get my kids ready for a long day of school, visitation, and unpack your backpack for my sons kindergarten class. Have a great day!
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