Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome Back to School - A little challenge to begin the year

If you are like me, then you are ready to be back to routine, but probably not in school shape quite yet. It always takes a week or two to get in the flow of school. I want to welcome all of the returning students back to my blog. Many of the 7th and 8th graders are used to this blog and many things will operate the same, but I have many surprises to throw your way this year. More challenges, more games, puzzles, videos, etc. If you are a 6th grader you may have heard of this blog already, but many are new to this blog. I welcome you to a site that is designed to provide some good laughs and hopefully find a way to brighten up your day.

To begin the year off in the right direction I have a little challenge for those of you who are reading this.

Here it goes
1. I am putting some finishing touches up on a few videos. I am going to be creating another Question and Answer video again in a few weeks. Please email me or post in the comment area questions that you would like for me to answer. They can be whatever you want as long as they are school appropriate. The questions will be answered, but may or may not be the right answer!

2. I am looking for some funny and/or just plain interesting videos. If you know of a video that I can post here on my blog, then please email me the link at

I would like to post a video each week and many of you know of more videos than I can possibly view in a lifetime. Send me those links.

I will begin and post the first video. This video makes my palms sweaty watching this guy walk on these beams. It is quite amazing. The crazy parts of this hike are around the 5 minute mark, but the beginning gives you a sense of how high up they really are.

Two easy challenges. Please join in and I look forward to another great year of providing you useless information. Adios!
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