Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Question To Ponder

If you were to write a story, what would the first line be? What would the last line be?

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sanfrankiecisco said...

I have this rough idea for a story and the first line would definitely be, "Call it when it's in the air, and that'll be it." Then last line would be something along the lines of, "And it is because of this that I am incredibly glad that I called 'heads.'" Or tails, depending.

The first line of an already-started project was: "Lee-Elba knew she was destined for greatness from a young age." Then it went on to talk about - very minimally - her life and how there is something sinister within her and how only her sister (Harlow) can see it. I think the last line will be something like: "Harlow shook her head at Lee-Elba, who was fading in and out of her sight, and said, "Give up on me, Lee, and focus on you - you and Exodus, you and Emily, you and the entire *explicit* universe."