Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Review: Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies

From Booklist
Twins Kevin and Joules are excited enough to be attending summer camp in the wilderness, but if there’s anything their obsession with classic horror flicks has taught them, it’s that camp is a prime setting for scary monsters, and that funny noise they just heard in the bushes is definitely something to worry about. Three Fluffs (“Fierce, Large, Ugly, and Ferocious Furballs”) have crash landed on earth after their marshmallow planet got exploded by a stray comet, and the warrior rabbits use their hypnotizing gazes and vicious floppy ears to commandeer the camp and turn its inhabitants’ brains into sweet, sweet mush. The sugar-rush plot follows a well-established course. The twins are savvy enough to know the obvious candidates to be gobbled up first and how many backup plans will be needed to triumph against the ferocious alien bunnies. A lighthearted, clever send-up of zany horror conventions, this book is just the thing for kids about ready for M. T. Anderson’s Whales on Stilts (2005) and other Jasper Dash books. Grades 3-6. --Ian Chipman

My Thoughts
When I finished this book, I thought instantly that this book is not for everyone. It has great satire in throughout and everything is just a long play on word joke or sarcastic tone to it. Take for example the first chapter in which you finish and it ends by telling to you to go the next chapter if you need to learn more about FLUFFS which a huge science chart is displayed. There are parts where it is graphic novel style and others where it reads like a book. There are advertisement breaks, times when the narrator stops telling the story to speak directly to the reader, etc. SPAM, candy, marshmallows, and other food items and heavy plot movers. Did I like the book? I thought it was okay. It was almost too much for me. When I read Falling In earlier in the week I loved the narrator stopping from the story to speak to the reader, but this book was just too far out there for me. I enjoyed the point of what the author was doing and I really think that this book would appeal to the kids who need something zany like this novel to find an interest in reading. Keep in mind the grade level range is 3-6 so this is a little lower than my typical YA read. I can instantly think of several kids in my school who would gobble this book up like FLUFFS do marshmallows. So, as always, go out and give this book a try. It was way out there, but a lot of fun if you can handle all the things mentioned above......and SPAM!
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