Monday, October 4, 2010

Book Review: Lure by Deborah Kerbel

I just finished the novel “Lure” by Deborah Kerbel and I loved this story! What a perfect story to read this time of year right around Halloween season. As I read the book, I constantly was trying to figure out the meaning of the title and the cover image and all I can say is that the title and image are perfect for the story even though I did not realize it at the time.

I want to start by telling you to check out the website of the author. It is quite good and has some photos of the library mentioned in the book.

Here is the press summary for the novel:
A Victorian library, a fishing lure, and a ghost named John…

When Max Green is uprooted from his home in Vancouver to a dull, Toronto suburb, things look pretty grim. He’s got a new neighbourhood, a new school, and no friends. But then he meets a pretty girl named Carolyn who introduces him to the old local library. Soon Max learns that ghosts are known to haunt the halls, and as he explores the history of the building, Max is drawn into a mysterious chain of events that will change his life forever.

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this read and think students will too. What I liked about this “ghost” story is the fact that it seemed so real. I know that she mentions in the book that there is talk of the place being actually haunted in real life, but I really felt like this could happen. The whole writing style of the novel is what sold the ideas. The author bounces back and forth between John and Max. Max has moved and is just trying to find his niche in his new location when he finds himself introduced to Carolyn and the library. As events unravel in his life, the next chapter takes us back in time to John who lived during the late 1800’s. We follow both storylines until everything is bridged together. I LOVED this approach because the events that happen seem so much more plausible as we read what is happening currently and in the past.

John was a great narrator. I really liked him as a character. I like Max too, but John and his storyline is what really grabbed my interest. As I read about John I could not help but get spooked when I went back to reading about Max.

Read this book. Read while in Halloween season. There is nothing too inappropriate or gruesome, but just enough to give you the chills in a few scenes. I even nominated this book as my vote for the Cybil panel.
I hope to have a book giveaway contest soon and would love to hear from others who have read this book. The book is released on October 2nd. Check this book out and don’t forget to go to her website and read her other two novels.

Don’t forget about the writing contest. I know some of you may have started this and I know of one who has finished. Write a story, submit it, and don’t be afraid to share your story here on the blog. I would love to share your story. You can email me your stories at aarmau at gmail dot com.

Here is the info on the writing contest.
Think you can write a terrifying tale? What If? Magazine and Dundurn Press are challenging readers to write their own ghost story. The winner will get a personal critique from Deborah, a Dundurn Press prizepack valued at $150.00, and their story will be published in What If? Magazine! Check out all the details on our website.

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