Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chicago Urbanathlon Training - Week 2 - Monday and Tuesday

Brrrr! It was cold this morning when I took off on my run. Today was planned for an easy 3 mile run with Tabata Sprints. I took off and felt good as I had not done any running since Saturday. My body needed the rest and more importantly my knees were sore. I ran 3 miles in 24:53. I planned to run some Tabata Sprints, but my knee was providing me some really sharp pain so I called it off to be safe. I am too close to race day to push through injury and risk not running. I have a 60 minute tempo run tomorrow so hopefully the pain subsides.

I do feel some muscle soreness from our workout yesterday. We ran through the following circuit and this one is tough.

Agility and Warmup
Circuit through this 2 times with each one lasting 20 reps or 60 seconds depending on what happens first
1. Body Squat
2. Push Ups
3. Stepping Side Squat
4. Quadruped Squares - crawl like panther, forward, sideways, backwards, sideways

3 rounds with 30-45 second transition
1. Push Up with Roll
2. Walking Lunge with Split jump
3. Tricep Dips
4. Prone Back Extension Swing
5. Medicine Ball Victory Swings
6. Medicine Ball Skater Lunge
7. Medicine Ball Balance Bridge
8. Medicine Ball Balance Twist
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