Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicago Urbanathlon Training - Week 2 - Wednesday

This morning the schedule was for me to run a 60 minute tempo run. I ended up running 51 minutes cutting it short by 9 minutes. I will tell you a couple reason why I cut it short. I felt great running this morning. After being sore from that crazy core workout and having some knee pain yesterday I started to worry that maybe I was pushing my body too hard after my first big half marathon race. I have been pushing my body pretty hard this last week in a half because I feel like I need to prepare my body and mind for this crazy race coming up next weekend where I have to hurdle taxi cabs, climb underneath cargo nets, climb over a bus, and several other obstacles along a 9 mile run.So, this morning I started off slow with my first mile coming in at 9:09 which I planned on doing. But, I also knew that my tempo pace was already behind schedule so I knew I had to push myself to get my average pace right around 8:00 minute miles. I continued to run 8:06, 8:07(stop for a car), 7:38, 7:34, 7:46. The last mile I felt my body begin to fatigue. I looked at my watch and noted the 48 minute timer on my watch. I knew I could push myself for another 12 minutes, but would it be worth it? I said no, and pushed hard back to my house running the last .41 of a mile in 2:55. I wanted to end on a good note where i felt good about the run, my body felt good, and I would not be pushing myself too hard to only falter later. i think I made the right choice. I have a rest day tomorrow which my body needs with a 5 mile run on Friday. All in all in 51 minutes I ran 6.41 miles reaching my precise tempo pace of 8:00 minute miles.

By the way, how are your goals working out? Have you written down your plan of action to achieve your goals. If not, then quit wasting time and making excuses and get it started. You will feel better about yourself, trust me!u
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