Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament - News Update

Alright people, I have won a grant which allows me to spend a good chunk of money on books for this tournament. I know things have been busy this last week or so with end of the quarter, parent teacher conferences, etc.

It is time to get your game face on and get involved. Sign up to be a judge. You and a partner will be delivered two books to read beginning third quarter. Read them, decide which one you like better and it moves on to the next round.

I need more judges. I need more book nominations. What are you waiting for? Maybe a little movie trailer to get you motivated? Well, I read your mind. Watch the movie trailer and then click on the tabs up top and sign up and nominate.

Okay, you watched it. You are pumped up now. So go ahead and sign up. I will be waiting here on my computer waiting for the names to start pouring in. Invite your teachers, parents, friends, etc. to join.

While your at it, go ahead a make me a video to promote this tournament. Make a video response to this one on YouTube. I look forward to a great tournament.
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