Monday, October 25, 2010

Coffee For The Brain March Madness Book Tournament Opens This Week

Watch the video to learn about the Coffee For The Brain March Madness Book Tournament

If you need more info click on the tabs on top of this blog. You will find the book nomination form, judge application form, and the overview of the book tournament.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please leave in the comments. I will gladly listen to any ideas. This is all new so hopefully this turns out to be awesome so we can do this again next year.

Place your nominations BMS students, staff, and adults involved in the lives of our students!

The rules:

• One book per person. Have two young adult books you love? Get a best friend, teacher, or parent to vote.

• Anyone may nominate. Anyone! This means you in sixth grade or you in C hall in 7th grade or you way in the back of school in 8th grade. And me. And that person over there, and the guy(or girl) who keeps checking you out in class! Or that kid that is in all your classes that you have not been kind enough yet to know his or her name. Anyone! Anyone – who attends Bettendorf Middle School and parents of a child who attends BMS. Teachers and staff members are also allowed.

The book must have been published between Oct. 1, 2009 and Oct. 31st 2010. An update to the book nomination rules. Due to the nominations that have been coming in I think that I need to revamp the book nomination rules. I will allow any book to be entered. However, books that make the tournament this year will not be eligible for next year if we have another tournament.

• As long as a book has a nomination, it'll be considered. You don't need to try and nominate it over and over. The nomination form will kick it back to you anyway.

• Books must be either middle grade or YA. Essentially, books that fall into the grade categories of 5 - high school. Due to the content of some YA novels there could be some controversial items. I will offer disclosure first prior to you reading in case you are not comfortable with the reading.

Nominations will close on November 19th

If you have any questions please email or track down Mr. Maurer a.k.a. Coffeechug.
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