Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't Forget!!!!!!!

1. My 5th grade students are still taking votes on what Egg Drop Design Project you like best. Voting on the poll will stay open until Thursday at 10:29 am. Their class starts at 10:30 and we will unveil the results then. The link will take you to the post where the video and voting poll is all contained. Don't be afraid to leave positive comments or advice to the students on the post above or YouTube. Any feedback is appreciated as long as it is positive and or educational. Nothing mean please.

2. Diigo groups are still up and running. Give it at try. Install the toolbar and join one of the groups and practice learning how wonderful of a collaborative tool this web tool is.

3. Still taking ideas for the YouTube video challenge. I am accepting ideas about what we should do to compete among TA classes. So far we have the staring contest. I have a few other ideas, but will wait another week or so before deciding what to do. This is something that we could open up to anyone who follows this blog as well.

4. To anyone who teaches students outside of our building. We are looking to collaborate with your classroom. If interested in creating an online collaboration project contact me. I have grades 4-8 that we can work with. I am really excited about trying something that fits the idea of Design Thinking.
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