Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I learned from making a volcano with my kids

Last week I posted a video and blog write up on making a paper mache volcano with kids. You can scroll back to find it and watch the video on my YouTube channel(see sidebar). Anyways, I meant to post this earlier, but just now remembered to write it up.

1. When mixing white paint with blue to create sky blue or a hue similar to that the actual color is called Dark White. I don't know why I love this comment from my daughter except that is reminded me that people can have different perspectives and/or opinions and it is okay. I just love how she worded it like it was so obvious. This is important to have open views as a teacher when we deal with so many students who have different insights into topics. The glass might be half full for me, but half empty for others.....or simply just Dark White.

2. Why do we have to lose our passion for life as we get older? Why not just be creative and be kid. As I still think I have many child qualities I realize when I play with my kids that their imaginations are so much further out there than the typical adult. In a matter of 15 minutes my kids transformed my garage into a "workstation" to work on bikes and other items that break down.

3. Don't doubt yourself. As adults I know that we have a hard time setting goals and trying new things(which I constantly challenge you to set goals during my training posts) because we have been instilled with the idea of fearing failure. Kids don't worry about failure as much. They give something a try and if it does not work, then they move on and try something else and not really viewing it as failure, but just not turning out the way they like. So once again, what goal(s) are you going to set for yourself? I know in our building we will be starting the Fit for a Mile activity with teachers. Do you have a goal of a certain time? Maybe it is just to complete a mile. Go ahead and make a goal and see what happens.........and don't be afraid of failing, just learn from it and try something new.
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