Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book Review: 43 Old Cemetery Road Book 2: Over My Dead Body

Book: 43 Old Cemetery Road Book 2: Over My Dead Body
Author and Illustrator: Kate adnM. Sarah Klise
Cybil Book #19
Pages: 116

Author Website a beautfil and lovely website. I really enjoyed checking everything out.

Quick Review from Kirkus found on the author site

“The laughter continues in this second installment of the Klises' series about a ghost and her friends. As in the first book, Dying to Meet You (2009), the entire story is told through letters, newspaper articles and the like and is adorned with M. Sarah Klise's amusing line drawings. Dramatic tension builds when elderly writer I.B. Grumply and his charge, the abandoned boy Seymour, are carted off to an insane asylum and an orphanage, respectively. Ghost-in-Residence Olive breaks them out and does her best to see that all villains get what they deserve. A dreaded government agent tries not only to break up the happy partnership but to outlaw Halloween. Worse, he turns the town against the trio, endangering their livelihood—publishing a serialized illustrated mystery. Much of the town of Ghastly, Ill., gets involved in the excitement, with characters sporting names appropriate to their callings, such as the locksmith, Ike N. Openitt. Even the addresses on the letters add to the comedy of this light, diverting romp.” (Ages 8 to 12)

My Thoughts 
I like this book a whole bunch. Sounds corny, but I do. The approach was refreshing and just a fun, enjoyable read. The book format is unique as you follow the storyline through a series of letters between the old ghost lady, the author, and Seymour, they boy. The visuals and graphics really enhances the storyline as well. I found myself just looking and having fun reading. This did not feel like work. I have the first book as well from the library and I plan on reading this one as well even though it is not a Cybils. The character names, addresses, and other little details were a pleasure as well as many of them were play on words as suggested above in the review. Perfect for any age level and one that I think I need to help promote in my school. I left reading the final pages with a smile on my face which is always a sign of a good old fashion story. Like so many that I read for the Cybils, this is another book that I never would have read if not for this tournament. Thank you Cybils for including me. 
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