Sunday, November 21, 2010

Book Review: Astrosaurs: Twist of Time by Steve Cole

Book Title: Astrosaurs: Twist of Time
Author: Steve Cole
Page #: 125
Cybil Book # 22
Ages: 7-9
Author Website: Check it out

From the website:

When the Astrosaurs are attacked by some baby carnivores, they're in for a shock. The babies lead them to a pool full of the legendary Elixir of youth which has the power to turn back time. The grown-up carnivores intend to use it on the Astrosaurs, and on dinos across the plant-eater population. Once all the herbivores are babies, they'll be easy to overthrow.

Can Teggs and his crew stop them before it's too late?

My Thoughts

Being that I don't really read books for this lower level of students, I was not familiar with this author or this series. I learned that this is the 17th book in the series. This is not a series that you have to read all the prior books in order for it to make sense. Essentially, four dinosaurs who go on a series of adventures find themselves in a situation(s) that they must use a variety of tactics to save the day.

This was a really fun read. Dinosaurs with battle armor that have canons attached to their tails! How cool is that? An egg shaped spacecraft that flies at super fast speeds. Chasing down meat eaters who have even crazier weapons and tactics.

I really liked the images on each page to help tell the story. There was just action sequence after action sequence that I think would really grab the readers interest. My son who is only five and cannot read noticed the cover and the pictures on the pages and wanted to know what was happening. The interest was already generating with a new generation of readers.

The plot was simple and not hard to follow which is what a book should be for this level of a reader. I just had a great time reading the book. I was hesitant to even read the book as this is not the type of book that I like. I am glad I was not disappointed and cannot wait until my son is old enough to read books like these.

Maybe when things slow down I will read more about space traveling, bomb shooting dinosaurs for a good laid back read.
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