Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Review: The Boneshaker by Kate Milford

Book: The Boneshaker
Author: Kate Milford
Cybil Book #17
Pages: 372
Grades: 5- 8
Author website: (it is quite good and fascinating to read)

1. Start here for a great link to the description of the book
2. For a great book description go to the following page on her siteMy Thoughts

Well, well, well. What do I think? I loved the cover. I had this book come in from the library and I had to renew it as I did not get to in time, but before it was due back for the second time I sat down and read this book. I opened the book without reading the inside passage or knowing anything about it. I had no idea what I was in for. I loved the historical context and the atmosphere of this book. I really had a great feel for the world of this novel. I think only Dark Life has had a better setting and description of the world so far in all the Cybil books I have read. I really like Natalie. She was so simple without too much added package, but yet such a deep character in terms of what she was capable of.
The whole conflict of good vs. bad with the concept of the Devil and other pivotal characters really grabbed my interest. I felt that the story was a little slow moving in the beginning and I had a hard time keeping all the characters straight. With that being said, I really did like the storyline. There was not a ton of action for there were no major battles or fighting scenes, but in terms of storyline I loved the feel to it. The machines, the bikes, the old medicine show concept really drew me in. I think this book is one that many middle grade students would really like. It is different and can really suck you in. My favorite part of the whole book was pages 245-250. For some reason I had this Matrix(the movie) moment where I felt like Neo should have been present to discuss the philosophical questions and answers being discussed on these pages.
Overall, one of the better Cybil books that I have read. Not one that I would typically read, but sure am glad I did. This is one that I was not blown away with once I finished, but it is one that I keep thinking about the more I distance myself. I find myself reflecting on key passages and also in some of my decisions. That makes this book a great read when you find it trailing after you a day or two later.
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