Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Triathlon Training - It is what it is people

I knocked out another 1000 yard swim this morning. I feel like I am improving my swim technique, but I also realize that my swim technique is still terrible. I am able to swim 100 yards without stopping which is a huge improvement to my 25 yard swim, stop, pant, breath hard, repeat. I think having the stress fracture has left me with only swimming as my option and maybe a good thing. I still need to track someone down to help me work on my swim technique. Technique is everything when it comes to swimming.

I have pushed a little bit harder in the weight room. Really working to improve overall strength with upper body. Really trying to emphasize my shoulders, back, chest, and arms. Working on overall strength so when I can get back to full training I will be at my peak strength wise.

Other than that, I have fell apart on my eating and diet. This is largely due to my motivation. Without a race in sight, my self control has fallen apart. I know what needs to be done, but am not too concerned. I have put some of my weight back on, but I know that as soon as I turn the switch, I will be able to get back to where I belong and maybe even a little less. It is time for me to start reading Racing Weight, but just have not had time to really focus on the contents with the Cybils and basketball going on. I have been cramming in middle grade science fiction and basketball information like no other. The winter break will be a great time to dive into this book. Plus, I really want to read what Jeff Paul is taking away from this book on his blog, but I refuse to read his posts on this book until I start to read.

I reflect on my current status and a few things go through my mind. One is that I am frustrated by my lack of self control in the eating department and losing my physical fitness level. However, I also know that after being in the game of racing and running for the first time I had a great season and understand that the body needs some downtime. I wish I knew what caused the stress fracture, but am not sure. Maybe my shoes as they had over 400 miles, but my training volume had decreased so not sure if that is the reason. Is it my weight? Maybe I should slim down a little bit more as my body is taking in a lot of force on the joints.

I am at a piece of mind right now where despite not being happy with my fitness and stress fracture, I am happy knowing that when ready I can turn the notch and get ready.

It is time to think about what goals I want to pursue. Here is my current thoughts on goals
1. A sprint triathlon
2. 2 half marathons
3. 1 full marathon
4. Bix 7
5. Urbanathlon

Now it comes down to registering and creating a calendar and plan. Much to prep and plan for and plenty of time to get ready. Now if only this stress fracture would go away.
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