Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Triathlon Training - Setback #1

I will be honest. I did not post week 2 last week because I forgot and I will have that posted along with the training for this week. To be even more honest I have lost a lot of motivation for getting into shape. I am in good shape right now and actually weighed in at my lowest weight since I started training for running back in May. However, putting all the loss of motivation and a not so good workout week this week(I overslept this morning and did not train) I have something that is really not needed.

I have a good old stress fracture in my left foot. I get to wear this super cool and styling boot for the next two weeks. I am still able to swim and bike, but no running, lifting that requires the use of legs and the wearing of this boot for all walking.

Looking at it in terms of my training this is a perfect time for an injury if I were to have one. One, my triathlon is at least 5-6 months away and not in the near future. Some may say that I am training way too early, but I have so much skill and technique work on the biking and swim portion that I need all the time I can handle. Two, with the loss of my motivation I think forcing myself to not being able to train the way I like will get me back at and eager to train again. Third, running has been my strong spot so far and this injury will help to propel me forward to get back in running shape.

Lastly, I hate injuries. This really makes me quite angry. Time for some reading. I have been meaning to read in detail the book Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald. I know Jeff Paul who has helped me greatly has started to blog about his reading from this book. I plan on doing the same thing. I actually had planned on this during my half marathon training a few months back, but the Cybil judging has set that back. When I should be training and can't I will be reading and posting what I am learning. I have not looked at Jeff's blog to see what he has posted, but once I do I will go and compare notes to see what we are taking away as he is a pro triathlete and I need to continue to learn from him as well. I will also be reading from a few other triathlon books that I have purchased. When one cannot train the body, then one must train the mind.

Boy, I love this boot on my foot! NOT!
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