Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coffee For The Brain March Madness Book Tournament

The books are almost all here

Coffee For the Brain Judge Meeting

We are going to have a meeting on December 14th at 3:00 in my classroom C11.

This meeting will cover

¨ Book Bracket

¨ Handing out of the books

¨ Requirements of all judges

¨ Timeline of events

¨ Important decision about final round

If for some reason you cannot attend this meeting please track me down in the hallways or my classroom (C11) or email me. I know that this is a tough time for a meeting after school, but I will try to not have any other meetings outside of school. I really need to meet with everyone to make sure everyone understands how everything will unfold. It will be important to stay within the time schedule so we don't fall behind. For some of you who cannot make this time I can arrange a separate time. For example, some of you are parents who might have to work so either your child can make the meeting and deliver everything to you or contact me. Teachers you can just stop down and see me on your prep periods if that works best. After the meeting I will type up notes of what was addressed and covered in the meeting.

 If I don’t hear from you by the end of this  meeting you will taken off the judging panel.

Get your reading skills ramped up as we have some serious reading to do!

Please spread the word to other judges. We are dependent upon one another.

I look forward to this bracket. It will be here soon!
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