Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emails That I Have Sent Myself - Part 1

Okay, so not only do I have a massive pile of magazines to dwindle down(part 5 coming soon), but I have an even more massive list of emails in my gmail account. Of the 1000 plus emails for me to sort through at least 300 are from me. What? Yes, when I read something great online or on Twitter I always email them to myself so I can post about them. Well, I have not done that second part of this and now it is time. Over my holiday break I plan on dwindling my emails down to a single page and rid my inbox of everything that is no longer needed.

Anyways, here is the first part in stuff from my email inbox that I think are worthy of sharing. This is going to be long series.

1. Urban Dictionary's Words Of The Year - A radio interview where the founder of Urban Dictionary discusses the most popular words/phrases added to the site this year in response to the latest words added to Oxford Dictionary. My favorite is the BP phrase.

2. Problems with labeling of food and drink products - As my Lego Robotic team continues to conduct research on sugar and caffeine I have been so surprised at how sneaky the food industry is when it comes to actually sharing what we are putting in our bodies. This post calls out Coca Cola for their misleading ad. Sure, the smart, healthy person would pick up on this, but with the obesity and overweight issues we have in America it is obvious that what these companies do work when pulling a fast one over us.

3. This seemed like a cool link - to teach yourself how to tell time without a clock. However, I would be screwed at step 1 because I would have no idea how to determine which direction south is. Plus this seems way too complicated for my simple mind. Thank goodness for cell phones and watches. On a side note, it is a lost art for students to be able to tell time on a regular clock that is not digital. I am blown away by the number of kids who don't know how to read a regular old clock. Signs that I am getting old.

4. Here is a great video. As the caption suggests when go to the link we are all suckers for end of the year lists and memories and all that good stuff. This is a good video. I think the reason we like these types of things is that our lives move too fast and we forget how much actually goes on in a year.

5. The last link for this post is one that just popped in my inbox while creating this post. It is a link to one of my daily newspapers from Twitter. This is a compilation from the Cybil Book Judges that post to Twitter. Check it out. Not sure if I am in there or not.

The cybilsjudges2010 Daily has just been updated, and you can view it at

Another 5 from my email inbox of over 1000 coming soon!
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