Saturday, December 4, 2010

International Textbook Exchange Project now posted online - Seeking Partners

I have finally put together the basis for my next online collaboration/learning project. I hope that some schools will bite on this project and join me and my students as we try to examine perspectives across the world. I have posted the link that was approved on as a Teacher Project. I am excited to develop this project. I am in the works of completing an online platform for the different schools to discuss, share, and exchange ideas. My fingers are crossed that this takes off. I have always wondered if what we teach is truly the essence of the cultures we study. For example, in China do the students really find oracle bones an important element of things we should study when exploring ancient Chinese civilizations? Maybe so, maybe not and if not, then what would people in China want us to study about their culture instead? This is the discussion that I want to pursue.

Below is the post that shared on some other online resources.

Hello! I am a middle school teacher(grades 6-8) in Bettendorf, Iowa, USA. I have always wanted to have my students examine textbooks from around the world that deal with history to show them how perspectives of historical events can be similar or different. I would like for them to be able to read through textbooks from around the world, correspond with the students and hold a discussion about what they are learning. I think it is important for my students to realize that the perspective they have been taught is not universal and around the world our way of thinking is not always right. We would send our textbooks out as well as part of the swap. If interested please let me know. Thanks

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