Monday, December 6, 2010

TBR Pile Increasing in Size and Other Obvious Observations

As I am scrambling to stay caught up with the reading(I thought I was doing good within my group until everyone updated their reads and now  I am way behind) more and more books keep coming in the mail. Here was the picture I posted earlier in the week.

Here is an updated view of the books I have left to read now. It is close to reaching my ceiling. What a fun opportunity. I just wish my weekends were not jam packed with things going on so I could devote a day or two to just reading. Ah well, keep on trucking when I can

This weekend we had the first snow. What joy! My kids love it as they were up at 6:30 both mornings ready to go outside and play. I just need snow on Christmas Eve and Day and then it can go away. I had to coach a basketball game in Clinton and that was nice 90 minute drive both ways Friday night.Why is that people become so stupid when snow hits? Hello! We have lived here in the Midwest forever and at one point do people stop acting like they were so surprised to see snow. While driving in snow one does not need to drive 100 mph nor do you need to drive 15 on the interstate either. Stick to the happy medium and you will be fine unless some semi decides to drive you off the road. I'm just saying.

Postcards were delivered to our partners in in our Christmas Card Exchange. I cannot believe that sending out one little piece of paper to countries around the world costs 98 cents while anywhere in the US is only 28. I know that in the big picture of things this is not a whole lot of money, but really a 70 cent difference? It is not like I am mailing out a box with bricks in it. Check out our Coffeechug and his Little Lattes Global Center by clicking here

 I purchased the new Apple TV for my birthday(yes, I turn the lovely age of 30 this Friday!). This little device is so cool for a gadget geek like myself. My favorite feature is that my daughter can watch Dora and if nothing is on TV she can push one button and the cartoon automatically shifts from the iPad directly to my TV in seconds. That blows my mind. I don't know how it works, but it simply amazes me. Not to mention all my music can now be streamed anywhere in my house where my Apple TV resides. How the littlest things just make my day.
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