Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Training for Tri - Day 2: Swim Time Trial

As I think about entering the indoor tri in about a month as mentioned in many previous posts this week, I need to know my times for the entry form. They want to know the following info:

1. Swim Time for 36 laps or 900 meters
2. 10 Bike Ride on stationary bike @ resistance level 6
3. 2.5 mile run

I decided to test my swim time out. I really have never timed my swimming and have only swam starting about a month ago. I was able to swim the 900 meters in around 20 minutes I have no idea if that is good, average, bad, superbad, or sucky. I was dead at the end of the swim and had to stop the last 10 down and backs each time to gain my breath. My technique is not very good and it only gets worse as I fatigue. Additionally, I just cannot find a rhythm. I swim good for a few laps and fall apart for a few. I have some serious to do on my swimming if I want to be able to complete this round in a decent time and not feel exhausted.

Testing out the bike ride tomorrow.

I am also sore from the lifting regimen from yesterday. I can really feel it in my back.

It feels good to be sore. Now I just need to tailor down the amount of Christmas cookies I am consuming.

What are your goals? This is the time of year to find some goal to achieve. Keep it in moderation and attainable. Slowly work your way back to a harder goal. Start small and take small steps to gain confidence and focus.
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