Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Training - p90x - Day 1: Chest and Back

I am ready.

I just go done with my first P90X workout. The chest and back was first up on the workout schedule.

I can barely type right now.

That was a great workout. I recorded all the initial tests to chart my progress. Let me just say that I was not too happy with myself and how much I have let myself go. It is one thing to know it mentally, but quite another to see the numbers down on paper.

Today is the day I go grocery shopping and begin to eat healthy.

Why P90X? I chose this because as I charted out my plans for running this year I realized that the month of April just does not have any half marathons close enough to my home that are not the last week. I am going to need to be home the last week of April and the first week of May as little Hoosier #3 will be coming into this world. I was looking for a race in early April, but just could not find one.

That leaves me to a race in May. That is five months away. I cannot train for five months. I will burn out before any races start and I have several I plan on running in the summer and fall.

I decided to go with this program because it is 90 days. That puts me into March. By that time I will have hopefully dropped some weight(down to racing weight which will help with training and injuries) and be more fit to push myself harder during my training runs. During this time I hope to become more flexible and to also knock out some base running.

Starting in March I can then begin my 10-12 week half marathon training program that will have me ready to go by mid to late May.

Then from May - October it is all about maintenance, working on form, and continuing to shave time off my runs.

I have a plan. It is still in rough form, but is beginning to develop.

One step at time. First step completed by starting P90X. Second step buying healthy food. Third step get my mind back on track.

It is time to eat some breakfast. I am starving.
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