Friday, December 17, 2010

Yes, I know I am asking you to respond to this. Get over it!

It is getting closer to Christmas. What does that mean?

Santa Claus
Family members that you absolutely love and adore and cannot wait to spend an entire day with or more?
Did I say presents yet?
Holiday Cookies
Pickles wrapped in cream cheese and ham


What it means is that you only have about a week or so until you can no longer play I Spy: Christmas Tree Challenge. I mean who does not play this game?

Sit around your tree and say, "I spy with my little eye a(n)__________" The other people around you have to figure out what ornament you are referring to. For me we just take turns so my kids don't fight, but you could easily make this competitive and add a little flare.

What is the interactive component of my title? I want you to take a picture of your tree. Along with the picture submit an I Spy phrase. I will post the picture and your clue to this blog and we will try to guess what it is.

Don't want to do that. Fine. How about taking a picture of your favorite ornament and explaining why you chose that one. Snap a picture, write an explanation and submit.

Submit all photos, clues, explanations, etc. to my email

And yes, as soon as I get home I will start with my own I Spy and my favorite ornaments. I will even have my kids do the same.
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