Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Review: The Score takes care of Itself

Title: Score Takes Care of Itself
Author: Bill Walsh
Non-Fiction, Leadership

My Thoughts

I came across this title as during every single basketball season I always fall in love with bettering myself as both a coach, educator, and person. I live for these books that offer ideas and plans by successful people. This book is a great read that offers some very simple and yet effective ideas to be a better leader.

I coach 8th grade boys basketball and do many other types of coaching like run a Lego Robotics team and other committees. This book helps me to remind myself how to be an effective leader. It provided some detailed lists of strategies on about everything that goes into leading people whether in sports, business, or day to day life.

I took many notes. I found some ideas to be great. The one that stood out most for me was so simple - the four most powerful words are, "I believe in you". This holds so true when working with people.

There were parts that I did skim through as I was not overly concerned with parts of his life as a coach for San Francisco. I did take time to study any lists, suggestions, and/or ideas about being a leader.

This was worth the read. Not one that I will buy to add to my shelf, but my notes will be studied over and over again.

Glad this was suggested to me to read.

Gladly taking other suggestions
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