Monday, January 17, 2011

Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament - Author Contacts - Priscilla Cummings

As the judges submit their decisions about which books make it to the next round I have been trying to email or Tweet or Facebook the authors to let them know that their book has been nominated to move on. I have had some responses from the authors so far and just thought I would share them with everyone as I am still blown away that we can easily connect with these wonderful people. Nothing is more exciting than hearing back from the authors.

Here is what I have sent them via my message format

Good afternoon, my name is Aaron Maurer and I am a gifted education teacher for Bettendorf Middle School in Bettendorf, Iowa. I have operated a blog now for students for the last two years where I read and review books. This year I was awarded grant money to run a book tournament where students nominated books to be read, we paired them off as judges to read the books, and they had to make a decision as to which book is better and why. You can find all the details on my blog(posted below).

Anyways, I am contacting all authors that I can to let them know when their book makes it to the next round. Your book has passed Round 1 and is now in Round 2. Congratulations to you and your novel.

I also am contacting you for the fun aspect that if you would like for me to add anything on my blog to help promote your book that I would be glad to do so. The students would to have any author participation in any capacity that they can. I am leaving things open as I know that you are probably super busy, but just wanted to make you aware of what some amazing students and staff members are doing in the state of Iowa.

Have a great day.

Here is a response from Priscilla Cummings, author of Red Kayak

Hi --

Thank you so much for the email. It's an honor to see RED KAYAK in such great company in your book tournament. It looks and sounds like a lot of fun. Just this week, I finished a followup story to RED KAYAK that will be published early next year. I had so many readers across the country ask me what happened to the boys that last year I finally decided to provide an answer. I have a busy stretch coming up, but would be glad to answer a few questions from students.

Again, my thanks. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the book advances to the next round!
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