Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament - Round 1 Decision #7

Good morning! Let the reviews start to come in.

This battle was between



Hattie Big Sky

The Compound vs Hattie Big Sky

Although both books were very diverse in plot and genre, we enjoyed reading them and found ourselves drawn in by the characters and plot. One similarity between the two books was that the main characters find themselves suddenly away from the comforts of home and must adapt to life in a completely different and extreme environment. Another common thread was both characters realize that family might not always be what people typically expect it to be.

Our first read was The Compound. We couldn’t put it down. The only reason we didn’t finish it within 24 hours was because we had to get some sleep and go to school! I will admit that we were not thrilled to be given Hattie Big Sky. (And that comes from two people very endeared to Big Sky Country!) We love Big Sky country, but weren’t too psyched to be reading about the early homesteader days. Ironically, we found ourselves more drawn in than initially expected by the experiences of Hattie. Having ancestors that were homesteaders and other relatives currently residing in Eastern Montana, the story did tug at sentimental heartstrings.

After careful consideration and discussion, it was decided that The Compound would go onto the next round. Overall, this book has a suspense factor that would appeal to a larger audience – young, adult, male, or female. A reader will get “hooked” within the first few pages. Also, readers don’t need any background knowledge to visualize the setting, understand the time period, or get hooked into the plot.
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