Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament - Round 1 Decision #5

Here is the latest book submission. They are going to be coming in like wildfire over the next 24 hours. Be ready to find out all the books moving on to Round 2.

This battle was between

Stuck in Neutral




Here is their decision

Mrs. Conklin and Mrs. Sones read Rules by Cynthia Lord and Stuck in Neutral by Terry Trueman. Unlike alot of you our books were somewhat similar in the fact that they dealt with kids with disabilities. Stuck in Neutral is written from the perspective of a teen with Cerebral Palsy. It talks about how he feels when having a seizure and Mrs. Conklin and I both have someone in our family that have seizures and know this was not accurate. That made the rest of the book kind of hard to believe as well. It lost it's appeal for us after we figured out that it was not real. Rules, has to do with a family that has an autistic son and how it affects them. His sister meets another disabled teen while at occupational therapy and goes through how it feels to be friends with someone who is made fun of, and less accepted. This book seemed to really be one that started out alittle slow but was very realistic and kept out interest throughout the book. We feel that Rules should move on.
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