Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament - Round 2 Decision - Escape From Memory vs. The Report Card

For this battle, I had to jump in and be one of the judges along with another 6th grade student. I have already wrote book reviews on both of these novels earlier in the week(just go to the book tournament tab to find the reviews). After discussing these two novels with the students we have decided to go with the book that I liked least.

We have decided to move Escape From Memory on to the next round. The reason we chose to move this book on to the next round is that The Report Card is just too young. It is geared for a more elementary type audience. Escape From Memory is a more complicated, involved plot that middle school students would enjoy. It also contained more action and just a more engaging storyline.

I think the reason I enjoyed The Report Card so much is that I am a teacher so I took somem of the passages to heart for personal reasons. Had I not been a teacher I would have went with Escape From Memory.

In the end, I don't really think either one will make it to the finals, but for what it is worth Escape From Memory is moving on. However, stranger things have happened and I have already been surprised about a few books moving on.
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