Thursday, January 13, 2011

Training - P90X - Day 11 - Kenpo X

This morning I got up and realized I did not have enough time for Yoga X which bummed me out because I was ready to give that workout another try. I know it takes forever, but once a week is not too bad and I have only done it one time so it has not lost the value yet.

Instead I did the Kenpo X workout. I decided to go with this because I did not do this workout last week when I was ill. I popped in the DVD and took off.

I thought that this workout was fun. I don't know that I really got a great workout from it. I did sweat and have to drink some water, but when I finished and now that I am typing I don't really have that sense that I did much.

I think on my cardio days of this workout - Plyo and Yoga X that I need to jump on the treadmill and run. I feel like I am getting a better workout that way.

Starting next week I will run on both Tuesday and Thursday and see how that treats me.

Not sure if others have done it this way or not, but I don't think it will hurt matters any.

I have been doing much better sticking to eating healthy. I did splurge late last night and eat some gummy bears, but the rest has been alright.

The second week is almost over already.

The true test is traveling this weekend with a group of middle school students. Must fight the smells of pizza and junk food.
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