Sunday, February 27, 2011

50 Day World Challenge: Introduction to Project and Day 1 Topic

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I was on Facebook the other day and I came across a post of one of my friends who was partaking in a 50 Day Challenge. I was reading through the 50 posts that are part of this project and I thought, "This would be a great idea to help bridge people from around the world." 
So, I decided to take the framework of the 50 Day Challenge, add the word "World", change some of the topics and give it a whirl.

What you are reading is the first of the 50 days in the challenge. It will not be a daily assignment. Instead it will probably be a few a week or one a week to give people time to post and submit.

My goals are twofold

1. Connect with as many countries as possible.
2. Learn about ourselves, our countries, our cultures, and help everyone realize that the world is indeed "flat" as suggested by Thomas Friedman

So, without rambling on any longer here 50 Day Challenge: Day 1 

The Topic: A picture of yourself with fifteen facts. This is designed to help us get to know each other a little bit more. Facts that you share are up to you, but remember this will be viewed by many(hopefully) and is designed to be an educational experience.
I will post my picture and 15 facts later tonight.

Remember, if you wish to submit a picture or two simply subscribe using the green button at or email me your post at and I will load it up for you.

I look forward to a great journey with all of you. Feel free to spread the word and have others join us on this exploration of people at their finest around the world.

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