Sunday, February 6, 2011

Training: I have my serious face on. It is time to quit screwing around and get focused.

I feel like a broken record. I think this is like the third time in the last few months where I have created a post about getting ready for race mode and time to take things serious.

Today is the REAL day. Today is the day that I actually start and will see this thing through. Let me catch you up to speed about things going on lately in my training world.

1. Earlier in the year I decided that I was going to do a triathlon. I was swimming during the time I was in a boot for a stress fracture and bought some training books and was researching like crazy. I gathered all my information and decided to wait another year. With a third child on the way I did not feel like I could devote the time needed nor did I want to spend all the money on the costs to competing in one of these races. So, I have switched gears.

2. I have started P90X. I was/am really into the workouts. I love the lifting days this program provides. I was very focused on the eating plan, but then I got sick, worn down and all my eating fell apart. With a pregnant wife and two little kids I kept falling to the temptations of junk food and eating out. A big weakness of mine. Despite the fact I am still working out, my eating plan has gone to the wayside. Not quite sure where I am currently weighing in at, but it is not as low as I want.....I know that much for sure.

I start the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

3. However, I am not worried. I have picked up Racing Weight again and know that as soon as I start my running the weight will fall off. I have put together a plan. I sketched out some possible races that I can do.

4. My main goals for the summer/fall are twofold
A. Run faster in the half marathon compared to my first one I ran last year.
B. Complete my first marathon in under four hours

These two goals will allow me to knock off the weight, eat healthy, and be a good role model for my kids which are all goals of mine outside of my training and just part of being human.

I am excited. I have sketched out a 16 week marathon plan that I must start soon. I have my eyes set on a marathon back home in South Bend on June 4 or the 13.1 Chicago run on the same date.

I also want to knock out the following races, but am not sure on the dates yet. I still need to look them up and begin to chart my workouts from there.
A. Warrior Dash
B. Chicago Urbanathlon
C. Chicago Marathon
D. Quad City Marathon(either do the half or full depending on how I feel)
E. Bix 7
F. Moonlight Chase
G. There is also the Muddy Buddy Race series but need to look into this one a little bit more.

Yes, I have packed a full schedule. I don't know if I will do them all, but they are all in my sights. I want to knock out at least one half marathon and one marathon along with the Warrior Dash and Urbanathlon. If I can squeeze in another half marathon that would be great.

My plan this week is to sign up for the races that are open for registration and make them real. I am starting some more running this week to get my base built up because if I am running in June, then the time to start is now. June 4 is 17 weeks away.

I am ready. My running mantra this year is, "If Elisabeth Hasselback can run a marathon, I can run a marathon.". Off to the races.

What are you goals? Do you have a plan? The time is NOW!

You never know what is possible until you try
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