Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Around The World

Today is Valentine's Day. I was reading a little bit about the holiday on Wikipedia and became curious about how you celebrate the day?
How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?
I communicate with another teacher in Bulgaria quite a bit and this is what she had to say about the holiday
Before the Democracy  people in our country  celebrated "Trifon zarezan" instead of   St.Valentine
St. Trifon is considered the keeper of the vineyards. It is celebrated by wine growers, gardeners and tavern-keepers. Early in the morning the housewife kneads bread. Moreover,she  cooks a whole chicken, which is traditionally filled with rice.  The bread, chicken and a wooden vessel of wine are put in a new woolen bag . With these bags on their shoulders the men go into the vineyard. There they make sign of the cross, take pruning knives and three hubs as each cutting three sticks. Then again,  make sign of the cross and sprinkle with some wine  the vines. This ritual is called "Cutting". Then all come together and choose a "king" of the vineyards. Only then began the  feast.
20 years ago St. Valentine became a famous day of people in love and now both feasts are being celebrated.
I know that for me personally, I think it has become a holiday for businesses to make money. People exchange Valentine cards with each other, buy lots of candy, and go out to eat. My son is having a little party in his kindergarten class today and my daughter had a party in her preschool class. It is a day to show your love for your loved ones.
I am just curious to know how it is celebrated around the world.
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This has been great so far. I am learning many new things from all of you.
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