Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flat Classroom Teacher: Challenge #6: Creating a CMP: Classroom Monitor Portal

I think I have done it.

It is basic.

It is simple

I have plans to make this my main screen once I tailor everything to my needs

Check it out:

You should see two tabs

Flat Classroom Tab is for the AWESOME course that I am taking and learning so much. If you want me to add your feed to my page please let me know. I went with the blogs that I have checked out so far. If you are part of the group and I missed your blog please tell me and I will add it because I value all your input and insight.

Farewell Tab is for my 7th grade language arts extension where I am working on monitoring their work on the wiki. My plans are for them to have a page similar to this. Time will tell.

If I should have a new tab, a new feed, or you have any suggestions or insights please let me know. This is all new to me.

I chose to use Netvibes because I can make my pages public. I still have iGoogle in use, but Netvibes is one that I am starting to like more and more for educational purposes.
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