Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funniest Story EVER

While painting this weekend, Amanda laid on the bed with Addy to play Dora. Here is the extent of the conversation that ensued that about made me pee my pants and spill paint.

Addy: Momma you want to play Dora with me?

Amanda: Sure

Addy: Mom, you can be baby Dora?

Amanda: Alright, who are you?

Addy: I am princess Dora

Amanda: What does princess Dora do?

Addy: Momma, did you fart?

Amanda: No

Addy: Is that your breath then?

Amanda: No, Addy

End of play as Amanda and I died laughing

Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up. If only I had this on video so you could hear the serious tone of the questioning.

The question still eludes as to what the smell actually was. We will blame it on our dogs.
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