Friday, April 1, 2011

Night Discussion with My Two Kids

Tonight I brought the kids upstairs to my room to read some books, but we never made it to the books. We just started talking and it all started when Aiden was telling Amanda goodnight(she was asleep on the couch) and as he was walking away he said goodnight to his little sister who is going to be in this world in about 6 weeks.

As were sitting on the bed discussing sharks and snakes we started talking about our new addition to the family.

Here is what I learned:

  • Addy will be sure to tell me or Amanda when she tries to escape through the window because that is not safe. I responded to this that she will not be able to walk right away so hopefully that is not an issue.
  • In which the question was posed, "What does she do besides poop, pee, and cry?". I told them that is pretty much it at first. She does not do a whole bunch at first. 
  • We talked about how we have to be careful about her neck and head as her skull will not be fully formed and her neck is not strong enough at first to support her head. Addy told me that she hopes her head does not roll away. I had to explain that just because her neck is not strong does not mean her head will fall off. Addy refused to believe that this was not a possibility. Let the nightmares happen tonight!!
  • Addy also told me how her soon to be sister lives inside the moon where she knows people from all over the world that even we don't know who they are. She discussed the concept of living in the moon for about 7 minutes and it was too complex for me to follow.
  • Aiden questioned what in the world Addy was talking about which lead to this whole discussion about the world, how it spins, how much water is on earth, what is inside the earth, etc.
  • This conversation ended after about 40 minutes of nonstop talking between the two of them just thinking about every possible scenario you can imagine.

Needless to say we did not get to the books about the goblin shark, the great white shark, and Dora. And yes, they left me with my head spinning and is just one more reminder how much I love my kids and how much I cannot wait to have another one to keep me on my toes.

Happy Friday
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