Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Come on and share

Do it.

Right now go ahead and share one thing that has helped you in your profession lately.

Maybe it has been a new app.

Maybe a quote, a suggestion from someone in your occupation.

Maybe a book or magazine or article you read.

Maybe you just had a great cup of coffee.

For me, it has been several things.

I feel rejuvenated. My Flat Classroom Teacher class has presented me with a whole new set of ideas to try to incorporate into my teaching. I am one who loves the challenge of making it work. I am almost upset that I only have a few weeks left of school.

I did say ALMOST. I love my break.

I have been helped by my kids who teach me to appreciate the small things in life like playing Cheese Tag.

Don't forget the great reading of Seth Godin.

Last, my new lists on Twitter. I created a list for my edubloggers(you want to be part of it leave me your twitter name) and a list for my Flat Classroom friends.

What is yours?
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