Thursday, May 19, 2011

Courage: Try Something New and Surprise Yourself

I am back at it.

I have been courageous in my classroom trying new projects and ideas.

This courage and experiments have lead to so many great(possibly) ideas to try next year I am so glad I was not chicken.

Don't be afraid to try something new. If you are worried about the result or how people/students will respond, then tell them upfront what is going to be happening.

I am moving the courage into my regular life as well. This last Monday was the start to a new life. A new life with my new daughter Ava and trying to find the balance to give individual attention to my three kids and wife.

I also need to give attention to myself. This is where courage comes in.

Courage to get up each and every morning to begin my training that I left on the side of the curb about four weeks ago.

Courage to push through the pain and suffering of training to become better in running.

Courage to eat healthy(not eat 8 cookies in teacher lounge because they are calling my name).

Courage to fight through the wonderful night of sleep with a newborn.(note of sarcasm)

Courage to push myself past my own expectations. Like most of you(just a guess) I have that fear of what I am capable of actually achieving if I would just push past that mental barrier.

Just remember the story of Chuck Norris

When Chuck was in middle school, his English teacher assigned an essay: "What is courage?" Chuck received an A+ for turning in a blank page with only his name at the top.

That will be my essay once I push through my 5 races this summer/fall.

Where is your courage?
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