Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flat Classroom #9 Bonus! Join in as an Expert Advisor or Judge

#9 Bonus! Join in as an Expert Advisor or Judge

Do after: Module 4 Contribution and Collaboration
Do: Join an on-line project (flat classroom project openings will be found at as an expert advisor or judge.
Share: After completing the process, share with the project organizer what you have learned from this experience.
Reflect on your blog ideas you have for educators to collaborate with on-line projects as mentors, coaches, and contributors.

I was  judge for the Flat Classroom 11-1 project. I have never participated in any of the projects as the age group I teach does not allow me to do so. I hope to join one next year with a different project that middle school students can participate in. However, being a judge provided me some insight into what the final projects will look like.

I was torn in my judging. Some of the videos I had to assess were not very good(in terms of video editing and quality), but had all the requirements. Others I thought were well put together, but lacked some requirements and therefore they eliminated themselves. This was tough because I could see how both could happen. In order for students to provide high quality videos, they need to be working with the technology and software at every grade level. This also holds true for the research and outsourcing. Students should be working at various levels on collaborating online, conducting proper research, citing their work, and trying to solve a problem or issue.

After working on my own wiki and finding out some issues and also being a judge for this project I am gaining a better sense of what needs to be taught in the classroom. Perhaps less time of facts and more on the process of learning and how to effectively convey our ideas. In the end, the real world could care less if you can pass a matching test, but in that interview can you articulate an idea and support it with facts?
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