Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ironman @ St. George, Utah

A great inspiration and motivation to me is another fellow teacher and friend of mine who is competing in this race today.

He has an amazing blog where he shares his training and process for the Ironman. We are all hoping and praying that he places very high in the race.

Here is a live feed for the race

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I will be watching this race and following his progress today while cleaning the house. Once my baby arrives next week it will be time for me to regain all the motivation I lost the last few weeks and get myself back in shape.

Following Jeff is motivation to get out and push myself. I was doing quite well until a few weeks back when my foot started to bother me. I have lost all the great progress I was making. I still plan to knock out a marathon despite my negative thoughts about not being able to do it. If Jeff can race for 9 hours, then I can run a marathon.

Good Luck Jeff!!!!!!!!!!
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