Monday, May 30, 2011

Training Week 2 - 5K Race, Running, Dead Legs, and Little Bunnies

Whew! Another busy week of training. I was able to squeeze in 22 miles this week. Not as much as the plan intended, but things took a different route and I actually ran 5 days this week. I typically only run 4 days a week. So let us go ahead and take a look at what all went down.

Monday - I lifted upper body. Still getting body used to lifting weights again. Worked primarily chest. I wanted to get arms in this week, but I failed to do so. This week(week 3) I hope to lift two times. It should be easier to do with it being summer.

Tuesday - We ran 4.5 miles. I felt great for some reason after mile 1 and averaged a 7:34 pace for this run which is my fastest run time yet.

First mile I felt like poop. Legs were tired from runs over the weekend and first week of training, but then I found my stride and felt really good the rest of the run. This was the first time in a very long time where I actually felt good running.
Mile 1: 8:23
Mile 2: 7:45
Mile 3: 7:25
Mile 4: 7:10
Last .5 mile(two .25 speed runs with break between): 6:36 pace

Wednesday -- I woke up to rain and thunder. Went right back to bed because I refuse to run on a treadmill.

Thursday - I ran a 5 mile run where I practiced the 5K race route. I was not able to complete this last weekend so I was determined to finish this time.

I attempted this exact same run this past weekend. The difference was that I had a tough run the day before(I had to stop after 7 miles) and it was super hot. I was not able to run 5 miles. I had to cut things short at mile 4 and did not accomplish my goal.

This morning it was cold. The wind was strong and it sure was tough to get out of bed. I made some adjustments. I was determined to finish this course this morning.

Last time I ran too hard for a warm up so I started off nice and easy running at a 9:16 pace as opposed to a 8:15 pace like last time. By the time I got my 1.5 warm up in I felt okay, not great, but not terrible. I took off for the run of the 5k. At this point in the run it was 13:30 on my watch. When I finished the 3.2 miles I was at 38:40. I ran the 5k in 25 minutes. This is okay by me. I hope to run under 24 on race day so running 25 minutes this morning is good because I ran the first 1.5 of the 5k at a slow rate of 8:15. I did pick up the pace towards the end running miles 4 and 5 (which was the last mile of the 5k and then some additional running) at 7:40 and 7:17. This is good for me to know that I can push a little harder Saturday.

I have not raced since last year. I have actually never ran a 5k before so this is all new to me. I don't quite know how gauge and pace myself. I will stick to my new running philosophy of just going out and run. If the body feels good, then push it, but if not, then scale it back. I think I was getting too wrapped up in numbers and heart rate, etc. that I spent more time number crunching and missing the true joy of running.

I will run again tomorrow and then race Saturday. Keep on living and pushing.

Friday - Today I was going to rest, but my legs were so heavy, sore and tired that I felt I needed to work them out a little. I went out for a super easy, super short run. My legs felt very heavy, sore, and not very loose the day before the race so I went out for a slow run just to see if I could work out some of the kinks in this body of mine. I hope it works. I felt better afterwards and was glad I did this run.

Saturday - The Wild 5K Race

I rather surprised myself this morning. I was up early with Ava and woke up with a terrible stomach ache. After a few cups of coffee I was able to hold steady, but not quite able to fuel the way I had planned in fears of upsetting the tummy.

Ran the race with two great people - You-Dee Punch and Gaffney. The both ran fantastic with Gaffney finishing 4th overall for the females and Uhde running in 21:07 putting him at a 6:49 pace. He has been kicking some serious butt lately.

I ran a PR. I ran the race in 21:27 which I believe is a 6:56 pace. My goal was under 24 minutes and I did much better than what I thought I was capable of. Once again I have proven to myself that I need to listen to more of my body and not my brain.

I am very pleased with my time. I actually finished 3rd in my division of 30-34 so I have a trophy(my first ever and probably last) for my division. The race had over 400 runners, but I think my division was pretty small.

A great start to the weekend. A great start to the summer. A great start to my future races that I have planned this summer.

- 7 mile run at 8:10 pace

Took off for a 5 mile run today to get my mile total to 20 for the week. However, after feeling terrible after the first mile I felt really good and decided to take the longer run route and go for 7. Not sure why I decided to do this. It was perhaps too long.

My legs were sore from the 5K race yesterday, but I know that I need to work on my endurance runs to prepare for the fall with my half marathon and hopefully full marathon. I needed to get at least 20 miles in for the week.

I felt really good, but like an idiot forgot how much the hills kick me in the balls. I about died towards the end of my run. I will show my mile splits and I bet you can't guess which mile contained the hill that about did me in. Along the way this little bunny was sitting on the sidewalk and was questing why this large creature was attempting to run and was so confused it just sat there and never moved. It is the little things that get us through some runs.

Mile 1: 8:23
Mile 2: 8:21
Mile 3: 7:57
Mile 4: 8:00
Mile 5: 7:57
Mile 6: 8:38
Mile 7: 8:00

It is amazing how much more powerful the body is over the brain. I had to fight my mind the last mile to finish.

I question if I did too much as my hamstrings feel tight and the right one almost pulled. This has been four straight days of running and I look forward to giving the legs a rest tomorrow. I just need to get some upper body work done for sure.

Week 3

I feel like I am getting better and better each week. Another big week ahead of me.  I need to get an 8-9 mile run in along with some hill/sprint workouts in. I am in massive need of a rest and a chance to allow my body to regain its composure and strength. Also, trying hard to watch what I eat. Now that I am not in school I have to establish a whole new eating routine and so far that has been hard to do with that the food always staring me down.

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