Friday, May 13, 2011

What the blogger?

Blogger is finally back up and running. Not sure what happened and why things were offline as I have not had time to figure things out, but thank the Lord it is back up and running.

I have lots to say. It was killing me not getting caught up in my blog posts.

So, this is my blog post to be prepared for an infiltration of Coffeechug thoughts, book reviews, game reviews, and all the other nerdy things floating around.

While sitting in the hospital holding my new daughter, Ava, I realized that it felt great to not be plugged in to the internet almost 24/7 like I typically live my life. It felt good to be off the grid. Being off the grid opened my eyes to something that is not a brilliant idea by any means, but an important breakthrough for myself.

It is time to be more creative. It is time to find my own niche. It is time to bring Coffeechug Concepts brand to the forefront of nerdiness in this world. Looking back at some of my posts I started to see a trend of me not being very original.

It is time to be original. What will that look like?





However, I am back. Ready to share my insights. Ready to post my thoughts and reviews.

It feels good to be back. This time with another native to the tribe.

Off to go pick up my son from school and mowing the yard. This my friend is not original, but will will be coming down the pipeline will be.

And yes, I am claiming the phrase, "What the blogger?" as my new catchphrase. Maybe it has been used, but for me it is the start of Coffeechug Concepts moving forward.

So, carry on with your bad self.
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