Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting It Done - Excuses: No need for them so get rid of them!

I have been thinking of some possible topics that I could begin to write about in my Getting It Done series and excuses was one of the topics I was pondering after being home with the kids all weekend.

And then I checked out my favorite blog guy Seth Godin and he recently wrote about excuses.

Here is what he had to say:

Even good excuses, really good ones, don't help very much.

Explanations, on the other hand, are both scarce and useful.

And accurate forecasts and insightful intuition are priceless.

This is so true.

How easy is it to make excuses? Too easy and the reason so many people make them all the time. I see excuses everyday in life in the teaching world of middle school education with students, teachers, parents, etc. Excuses are everywhere in terms of trying validate why we or someone we care about cannot achieve what we expect.

We need to get rid of the excuses, quit pointing fingers everywhere but at ourselves and just get the job done. When we don't reach our goals, then try to understand why, learn from it, and move on. There are times when we will not always achieve what we want, but as long as we don't make excuses and learn from the experience, then it is still a success to a certain degree.

This morning my foot hurt. My legs and body are sore from running and TRX yesterday. Ava has been fussy. My kids are nonstop needing something or causing mayhem. I could use any of those as excuses to not run and workout today.

Why waste the mental energy to convince myself that the excuses are valid when I know deep down that I am full of crap. Why do we try to spend so much time convincing others and ourselves of our excuses? It is stupid and it drives me nuts.

Tonight I will get my run in. I will get my 100 Push-Up Training done and complete a TRX workout for strength. Why? Because I have no reason not to get it done.

I will not make excuses and neither should you.

Get It Done!
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