Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting It Done - How Do You Motivate Yourself In The Morning?

Starting your day off on the right path is the key to reaching your goals.

It is important to get the mind ready for the day as well as the body.

The question is........

How Do You Motivate Yourself In The Morning?

I think if we can create a list of different techniques that people use we might be able to help out ourselves and one another.

A few things that I have found to be useful.

1. Having my coffee ready to grind and brew when I get up while feeding Ava.

2. Having my plan of action ready for the day ahead of time. I know the night before what I need to accomplish to meet my goal.

3. Eating breakfast. This is something not everyone likes to do, but if you eliminate the snacking right before bed and train the body to eat right away in the morning it is amazing how much better you feel. Don't fill the body with junk, but good food. It really does help. 

4. Make things a habit. I have done these things long enough that it just happens. It was difficult at first, but overtime you find yourself out of sorts when you fall off routine.

5. Read my post it note reminder of my current goal while I take time to read through my email, Twitter, and RSS Feeder in the morning. 

Please share your ideas and strategies in the comments and hopefully somebody can benefit from your ideas.

Don't forget to keep striving to GETTING IT DONE!
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