Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting It Done - Step 1: Create a Goal, Make It Real, Send Goal To Me

I am a regular person.

I am not a doctor, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, or anything else that gives credentials to knowing everything about setting goals.

I am however a person like you who has found ways to set goals and get them done. Or maybe you have not found a way to accomplish your goals, but you would like to. I have been through many trials and errors and have found some very simple ideas that could help you. By helping you I am also helping others and myself.

Today I would like to help you in establishing your goals. So, I will share what I have done and hopefully it will help you out.

I would also like to help you out in your journey. I will be that person to send you an email or letter or postcard asking how things are going. I will be that person that you can ask questions to when needed.

The very first thing that needs to be done is to establish a goal.

What do you want to achieve? Pick one thing. Not two or three or more. Pick one goal and make it specific and attainable.

For example, my current goal is to be able to run a marathon for the first time in under 4 hours. Some will say that this goal is not a perfect goal because once I run the marathon there is nothing left for me to achieve. I disagree because what I have in store are several more goals that I will tackle once this one has been achieved.

This is a good goal for me because
1. It is hard to attain
2. It is possible with lots of hard work
3. It is measurable - either yes I achieve the goal or no I don't
4. It is realistic

There are literally thousands of books, articles, video, speakers, etc. that talk about goal setting. For me, after reading for hours about goals I have come to the conclusion that you have to create a goal that is measurable and motivating for you to actually put a plan together to achieve it. Last year, my goal was to run my first half marathon. Prior to last summer I had never been a runner. I hated running, but realized I needed a change of pace from my lifetime of playing basketball. This year I am upping the ante and going for my first marathon.

So I am going to come back to this topic of establishing a goal, but here is where you come in.

I want you to create a goal. Not just in your head, but I want you to write it down. Not on a computer, but on paper, a postcard, a letter, etc.

To help you make the goal real and concrete I want you to send me a copy of your goal. If you are interested email me at and I will send you my address.

Here is what this will do.
1. Hold you accountable by actually writing the goal down.
2. I will post the goal on this blog(I will not include your name or any personal info)
3. I will help you attain your goal by checking in with you from time to time.

So, think about a goal. Establish a goal that be reached and measured. Write it down and send it to me.

Meanwhile, I am going to work on another post discussing creating goals.

In the meantime, continue to strive to GETTING IT DONE!

I look forward to this new journey.
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