Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer 2011 Photos

Here you go. My latest photo project.

People ask me for photos of Ava. People ask me what I do with my time in the summer.

I put two and two together added my other kids because they are just as important as Ava and decided to come up with the Summer 2011 Photo Project.

Each day or every couple days I will add photos to this gallery for you to enjoy. From this point on I will keep a link over in the sidebar. I will not post each time I add a photo. I will add some descriptions to the photos.

It would be cool if we had a collective group posting a pic or two each day. If you would be interested in doing that then simply email me and I can create a group on Flickr so we can all be connected.

Here is a updated batch of photos of summer so far. Descriptions will be up later when I have time.


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