Friday, June 24, 2011

Training - Week 5 - Week 3 of Marathon Training - Friday - A Hodge Podge of Excercise

Woke up this morning at 4:50 and ate a small bowl of cereal.

I was still feeling the effects from the 14 mile run on Wednesday.

I took yesterday off completely and did not do anything workout related to let the body regroup as I had not had a rest day since Saturday and my body was in need of one.

I got up this morning and decided to jump on my bike to warm up my leg muscles and get a good little workout in prior to my 3 mile easy run.

I rode 8.43 miles on the bike in 35 minutes. My legs were dead the last few miles. I am not a bike rider at all. This being only like the 4th or 5th time of actually riding a bike this summer. I finished up the ride and tried to go downstairs in my house to knock out some push-ups and my legs about buckled from under me. I was able to manage without crashing which was a minor miracle in itself.

After my bike ride I knocked out my 100 Push-Up Challenge workout that I did not get in on Wednesday.
Set 1: 14
Set 2: 17
Set 3: 12
Set 4: 12
Set 5: 19+(I did 35)

After this I stretched out a little bit and 10 minutes later I took off on a 3 mile run with You-Dee. This was a needed run to knock out the fatigue and heaviness in my legs. I ran the 3 miles in 23:37 which is a 7:48 pace. The first two miles were nice and easy like I needed, but I decided to push the last mile to see what I had and ran mile 3 in 7:07. I recovered very quickly after the run which is great for me.

This is a great start to the day. All done by 7 am. What are you doing to start your day on the right track? Don't wait, get going now on your goals.

Later I might knock out a TRX workout, but we will see how the day develops. Have a great Friday.

Time for some breakfast.
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