Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bix 7 - Goals and Expectations

I woke up this morning to head out for my 5 mile run, but as soon as I took off the rain decided to fall. I did not feel like being soak so I headed back home and will have to get my run in later.

I decided to take time this morning to go ahead and put my goals and expectations for the Bix 7 race down in print to help me make it visual and real.

I have found it to be highly motivating to go back and read posts from a year ago. This is the post from the Bix from last year where I ran the course for the first time.

I ran the course in 58:19 (8:19 mile pace)which was way better than I anticipated running. My #1 goal for this year at the Bix is to beat that time. I don't care what it takes, but I will beat that time. I have been training pretty well since then and I hope to see the benefits of my hard work.

However, I have another goal in mind. One that is going to be tough to achieve, but if conditions prove right and things fall into place I will have a chance to accomplish my #2 goal.

My #2 goal is to run the race in 55 minutes. That is moving for a distance and course like this. I have had some good runs and some bad runs lately so I am not sure what body will show up early Saturday morning.

If I don't get caught up on Brady Hill and Kirkwood for too long and not get jammed then that will be the first key. With so many people and where I am located for the race this will prove to be a challenge. I might have to some serious zigzagging to stay on course. I would be happy going onto Kirkwood with a 8:00 - 8:15 mile pace if it does get bottled up. I can manage the make up time with the rest of the race. Anything slower and I will be scrambling.

The other issue is the heat and humidity. Hopefully the rain we are having now will eliminate the humidity. I can tolerate some heat(it is not looking to be too hot), but the humidity kills me.

Running the race in 55 minutes will put me at a 7:51 mile pace which is a huge decrease in time from my 8:19 mile pace a year ago. That is taking 28 seconds off each mile which is some serious running on my behalf.

Running this course I know that I have to hit that turnaround station not feeling tired. I need to be able to get comfortable early on, hit that turnaround and begin to pick up my pace until the finish. I know where my mental breakdowns are on this course. I also know where my mind realizes that it is go time. This is helpful. I am shooting for a negative split from the turnaround which I don't think I have had yet in the several times that I have ran this course.

This race is big for me. I did not quite achieve my Moonlight Chase goal(I still ran well), but it has been eating away at me ever since. I hope to get in a great run Saturday.

I am off to start my day. Back to teaching some kids about the joys of middle school and trying to find time to sneak my 5 mile run in today.

I will be GETTING IT DONE this weekend! What are you doing to achieve your goal? Have you created a goal? If not, then it is time to get going.
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