Monday, July 25, 2011

Training - Week 10 - Week 8 of Marathon Training - Monday - 13 Mile Long Run

I had to reconfigure my running schedule this week to make sure I get my proper training in for my marathon, but at the same time leaving my body rested and ready for the Bix 7 race where I am hoping to accomplish one of my many goals this year (I will have a future post about my thoughts and goals for the Bix 7 race).

This weekend things were busy and looking ahead at my schedule I am realizing that life is going to become quite hectic going back to school and trying to get my three kids off to two different babysitters and all the things that come with being a parent.

Anyways, I had to wake up at 4:00, but I slept like crap all night and got up at 3:45 to eat some waffles and a cup of coffee before starting off on this run. I had to knock this  run out early in the week so I rest my legs for the race Saturday. I had to get out early this morning because I am teaching a Moving to Middle class this week where we help upcoming 6th graders learn about the building, get their lockers, become comfortable with staff, etc.

I took off on my run about 4:40 and felt pretty good. I wanted to have a run where I had some easy miles, but some where I pushed a little bit to get my body ready for an upcoming half marathon race and also to help my body learn to push when tired.

I ran the 13 miles in 1:48 which is a really good pace for me running a 8:21 mile pace. I started mile 1 at 8:41 and ended with mile 13 being a 7:35 mile pace. You can see I had a wide range of running times. I mixed in some mild hills to work on pushing when tired. I did have to stop once to refill my water bottles. I cannot believe how much I sweat. It is quite gross, but I sweat mass amounts and therefore need to keep my body hydrated.

Watching and examining my HR% I am starting to see a slow decrease in my heart rate when pushing at the higher rates. It also helped that it was in the mid 70's this morning and not hot.

This was a great run. I had some mental breakdowns early on around mile 4(I had a bad mile) and later around mile 9. But I fought through those and once I did I became pretty upbeat and positive and the results reflect my mindset by how my running times increased/decreased.

The rest of the week will be some shorter runs and I MUST GET SOME CORE WORK DONE! I did not get my TRX work in this weekend as planned and with the storms yesterday I fell short of getting my 60 total miles in for last week by not getting my 9 miles on the bike done.

I look forward to a great week and a great race Saturday. Continue striving to GETTING IT DONE!
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