Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Training - Week 10 - Week 8 of Marathon Training - Tuesday - 3 Mile EZ Run

Today I am scheduled for a 3 mile run at an easy pace to help my body recover from the 13 mile run yesterday. I was so tired last night after sleeping terribly and getting up at 3:45 to run. I was still tired this morning. I woke up early again, but laid in bed until about 5:30 or so before getting up. I continued to lay around until around 6 before getting up and running.

You would think a 3 mile run would not be a problem for me to get done. I was having one of those mornings where I was tired and not motivated to run. Not everyday can one be excited to lace up and hit the pavement.

However, I did get going, but I think my shoes I wore teaching yesterday gave me shin splints(they are super old and in bad shape). My legs hurt the first part of mile 1, but I finally loosened up and decided to pick up the pace and push a little bit. I wanted to see how my body would respond to running at a faster rate than normal in case I need to kick it in high gear for the Bix 7 Saturday.

I ran the 3 miles in 22:56.

Mile 1: 8:14
Mile 2: 7:28
Mile 3: 7:05

My heart rate stayed pretty low during the third mile which is a great sign my body is making adaptations to my training.

I came home and was able to get about 20 minutes of core work done on the TRX before getting ready for school.

Not a bad morning. I still have two more runs to get in before Bix Saturday - a 5 mile and 3 mile. I hopefully can get rested up and quite feeling so tired. I just feel worn out all the time. This is probably due to some bad sleep lately.

Tomorrow I will be posting my goal times for the race. I have given this much thought and think I have things dialed in. Without goals it is hard to strive on my quest to GETTING IT DONE!
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