Saturday, July 23, 2011

Training - Week 9 - Week 7 of Marathon Training - Saturday - 5 Mile Run and 11 Mile Bike

Woke up early to get my run and bike ride in before everyone woke up. I also was hoping for some cooler temperatures and finally I was granted sub 90 degree heat.

My legs were tired from the run yesterday. The heat really takes a toll on your body. I was reading about how it takes longer to recover from the intense heat and therefore you slowly get behind in your body recovery when trying to manage a training plan. I could feel the effects this morning.

I had one goal this morning and that was to run at a rate faster than my Bix 7 goal pace. I took the first mile as a warm up running it at 8:12. This felt great to run at this pace and not feel drained like the last couple runs. I knew that I could pick the pace up this morning. I ran mile 2 in 7:54 and I felt good so I decided to go ahead push my goal to run at a higher rate than my pace for the Bix 7. I ran mile 3 at 7:34, mile 4 at 7:27, and mile 5 at 7:30.

I finished the run at 38:56 which is a run that I needed to get under my belt. I am happy with this run. If I could keep this pace for two more miles next Saturday I am going to be ecstatic. This was a good run for me and it helped me mentally.

Soon after the run I jumped on my bike to get some riding in. I have not had a chance to ride yet this week which was driving me insane because I really wanted to get 60 miles in this week total(40 running and 20 biking). I have never achieved 60 miles in one week before. As I was started to leave my driveway the thunder was booming. I went out anyways and sure enough as soon as I got the remote part of the country it down poured. I was soaked. I had puddles in my running shoes. It was pretty cool actually. I did not have to worry about being hot. I tackled some good hills on Forest Grove and made my way home. My legs had a great workout today.

I rode 11.26 miles in 50:56.

Tomorrow is a rest day, but I will probably jump on my bike to get my 60 mile goal completed. Just a nice easy ride to get ready for the week ahead.

Keep working to GETTING IT DONE

Later today I will also knock out some push ups and TRX core workout because both are desperately needed.
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